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This is my first official finished game using GameMaker Studio 2 that I worked on for about five months.

Keeper Chaos is a short platformer adventure taking place in a world of powerful deities. You must jump, slide, and shoot your way to victory. The game provides a challenging yet enjoyable experience.


Ruins Tiles - Feenicks
Pixel Effects Pack - CodeManu
Gun Sprite - DisFey
Explosion - Sogomn
Bruh - Tamashiina
PogYou - Mellen

Outdoor Ambiance - vi1e8
Fourth Movement - Christovix
8 Bit Title/Theme - ShwiggityShwag
Spooky Dungeon - You're Perfect Studio
Underground - tcarisland
Egyptian Fortress Boss - Spring
Tropical Fantasy - Spring
Boss Battle #2 - nene
Somewhere in the Elevator - You're Perfect Studio
Victory! - Viktor Kraus

Porte Pierre 2 - Slanesh
Big Stone Door Suddenly Slamming Shut - PaceSmith
Shoot_01 - LittleRobotSoundFactory
magnificat_mono - tarikki
Fanfare - ricniclas
Laser Shot Silenced - bubaproducer
8-bit Pickup - timgormly
Select05 - sharesynth
foot1 - Shaun Spalding
Coins 1 - ProjectsU012
Boing - Chilljeremy
8-bit teleport sound - diego200052
Laser1 - wcoltd
Jump_C_08 - cabled_mess
tsh - beskhu
laser - Samster Birdies
Sci-Fi Force Field Impact 15 - timgormly
Beep_6_low - PaulMorek

Additional thanks to Shaun Spalding and HeartBeast for their
GameMaker and pixel art tutorials. <3


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A short game, you say? Short? Ahahahahahahaha!

Ahem... yes. I mean, it is short if you're actually good at these precision platformers... which I'm famously not! So it took me quite a few days... I mean NOT days! Hours? To beat this. It just spanned several days!

Alright, I'll get to the praise, because this game is actually really well made and really fun (when I'm not trying to restrain myself and not put various limbs through walls / computer desks / my own face). As is always the way with this genre, you do it all for the sense of achievement! Or because you're really stubborn. Or a bit of both.

The thing with this particular rage platformer is that you have a being of infinite power stalking you through every screen of spike-laden, pitfall-filled hell, which makes things a million times more stressful and means that you don't have the time to make the tiniest little slip.

So, if you like being super angry, or just need a swift release of rage, get this downloaded and go toe-to-toe with a couple of angry deities yourselves and let me know how you get on (unless you beat it in one sitting, then please don't let me know).

Adam, you're a complete sadist. Don't ever change! =)


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!